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What tells you tetrafluoroethylene rod manufacturers PTFE chemical nature?

Publisher:admin Time:2013-05-02 15:19:00
What is the chemical nature of the PTFE is it for you to answer in Yangzhong Dongxu Chemical:
Insulation resistance: unaffected by the environment and frequency, volume resistivity of up to 1018 ohm cm, small media consumers, high breakdown voltage?.
Rugged temperature resistance: the influence of temperature changes little, wide temperature range category, you can use temperature -190 ~ 260 ℃.
Self-lubricating: With the smallest plastic friction coefficient guess, is the ideal oil-free materials.
Appearance not sticky: known solid material can not adhere to the appearance, the appearance of a solid material capable smallest.
Resistance to atmospheric aging resistance, radiation resistance and low osmosis: the long-term bare in the atmosphere, and the appearance of a solid link performance.
Non-flammable: limiting oxygen index of 90 or less.