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Teflon tubing supplier tells you the molded preform related presentations

Publisher:admin Time:2013-09-13 09:38:00
Yangzhong City Dongxu Chemical Plastic Co., tells you the PTFE molded preform mold material and related presentations
Where the molded product of the maximum pressure up to 40MPa. Therefore, the steel used in the manufacture of the mold must have the following characteristics: high mechanical strength, at a molding pressure or molding temperature deformation; a lower coefficient of linear expansion, heat treatment deformation is small, good hardenability; a good cutting performance, easy machining; good wear resistance and corrosion resistant. We selected 45 carbon steel for mold material, the mandrel is made ∮40mm, die sets for the ∮66mm.
Also known as molded preform, the amount of F4 is slowly added to a resin mold cavity shaped in person, with a special metal scraper to pave the surface, close the male mold, start slowly and evenly hydraulic pressure to reach after a predetermined pressure for several minutes to complete the transfer pressure. Then become the preform geometry stripping, trimming send sintering step. Preform also commonly referred to blank.
Preform dimensions for turning wrapped with ribbon for OD / ID x H = ∮60 / ∮40 x 30 (mm3) blank