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What factors PTFE sealing parts manufacturer tells you the impact of seals is?

Publisher:admin Time:2014-05-11 09:35:00
What factors PTFE sealing parts manufacturer for your report on the impact of the seal is? In Yangzhong Dongxu Chemical Plastic Co., Ltd. to answer your questions:
Hydraulic seals deal with one of the hydraulic and pneumatic tension plays a vital role, if a seal hydraulic and pneumatic components products, no more than pass, then this is not the product of hydraulic and pneumatic components a good product. There are factors that affect many aspects of the seal.
First is the impact pressure seals the merits of a tense reason, rugged pressure, the length of the pressure change cycle of seal damage (such as extrusion) has a great influence. The higher the pressure, the greater the impact on seal performance of other factors, such as the clearance gap temperature, speed, material seal, the piston and the cylinder between the piston and the cylinder head.
Then there is a frictional force with the temperature, the maximum temperature of use of a seal material utilization and minimum temperatures than the force holding the morphology is difficult, because this is the result of the combined effects of a number of factors. Things to deal with piston and rod temperatures are different, they want to hold the difference between options. Another one is the appearance roughness of seal products, characteristic appearance, material pressure, medium, temperature, seals, type and speed of movement of the seal are all factors in the seal.
A deal with is the last appearance, experience shows characteristic appearance of the cylinder piston and rod has a very big impact on the life of the seal. Appearance appearance characteristic common to define the value of the roughness RA, RA is the appearance of the middle line shape deviates from the arithmetic mean of the absolute value. But these values ​​are not fully show the impact on the environment, the appearance of the seal, it is because even in the same roughness, appearance characteristic shape differences can lead to differences in the degree of seal seal wear.