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PTFE stick

product description:
ptfe rod, PTFE rod
1, not sticky: Almost all the material is not bonded with Teflon coating. Thin film also showed good adhesion properties.
2, heat resistance: Teflon coating has excellent heat resistance and low temperature properties. Short period of time can be high temperature to 300 ℃, generally between 240 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ can be used continuously, with significant thermal stability, it can work without embrittlement in freezing temperatures, it does not melt at high temperatures.
3, sliding: Teflon coating has a low coefficient of friction. Load sliding friction coefficient changes, but only in the values ​​between 0.05-0.15.
4, anti-wet: Teflon coating surface water and oil production operations are not easy to dip solution, such as sticking a small amount of dirt, simply wipe clean. Downtime is short, save time and improve efficiency.
5, wear resistance: under high load, with excellent wear resistance. In a certain load, wear-resistant and non-adherence with the dual advantages.
6, corrosion resistance: Teflon almost free from drugs erosion, to protect parts from being any kind of chemical corrosion.
PTFE is widely used in high temperature, high viscosity requirements of industry. The strongest super acid - fluoroantimonic acid can also be used to do it to save.